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LGBTQIA & Autism
Education and Support


We are so proud of the community we have built to support LGBTQIA and autistic youth, a community that has saved hundreds of at-risk youth from suicidality. Check out our Discord Safe Space, which many teens call 'home.'


Along with our LGBTQIA inclusive sex ed book, we educate over 100,000 teens on TikTok. With additional funding, we hope to expand to create further education about autism, as well as creating resources for schools.


Only 55% of LGBTQIA youth report that their school is LGBTQ-affirming and only 37% say that their home is LGBTQ-affirming. Creating safe spaces helps to lower their risk of mental health issues and suicide.


Coming April 2023

Ash and Monica have written a book!!!

It’s Totally Normal!

An LGBTQIA+ Guide to Puberty, Sex, and Gender

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Our nonprofit started as a simple mother/teen TikTok project - Ash humoring me in my quest to bring social emotional learning to teens through social media. Everyday we had questions in our DMs and on our Lives; teens wanting to learn more about the LGBTQIA community or just needing advice and support.


One day, while doing a Live on TikTok, someone suggested we should be called the 'normalizers' because we were normalizing things that other people find strange, weird, abnormal, or even immoral. The name stuck, and turned into a full time endeavor with a mission to normalize stigmatized identities amongst teens. 

Educating and supporting the queer and autistic communities are both very near and dear to my heart. Of my teens, two are nonbinary, one is a transgender girl, three are lesbian, and two are autistic. In our house, they are free to be themselves and be treated with love, understanding, and kindness...I want the same for them out in the world.

Monica (she/her) 

CEO and Co-Founder



“I joined this server when I was at my absolute lowest; not even my friends knew about this server or how I was. Your server helped me out; if it wasnt for the normalisers I dont know where I'd be today or even if I'd be here.”

Anonymous, 13